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We have high standards towards ourselves. Which means we are not making compromises. We work only with high quality equipment to get the best results possible. We use professional softwares like Final cut, Davinci, Adobe Lightroom, Canva to edit the photos, videos and SM contents. 

For music  we are using royalty free platforms so you don't have to worry about copyright issues.


We started as a hobby of making photos and videos just for fun. But with time it transformed into a profession. Every project has new challenges and requires new solutions and techniques. To solve these challenges it requires critical thinking and flexibility. To be the best in this industry it requires constant learning every day to provide satisfaction to our clients. 

Honestly, we really enjoy this kind of work! 

Tamas Juhasz is a graduated photographer. He is always experimenting with new cameras and equipment. 

In his free time he likes to be outdoors. He enjoys doing via ferrata, mountain biking, hiking, and traveling frequently.


Akos Horvath is a videographer and editor with years of experience. Currently he studies cinematography at Lumiere school in Budapest. He is one in a 12 people group who was selected from 80 applicants and started a cinematography (Director of Photography) course last year. 




,,Hello, I'm Tamas, but you can call me Tommy. I always have my camera with me wherever I go. I love being outdoors and in the mountains. I enjoy taking pictures to capture special moments. When I'm working on a project, it doesn't feel like work at all. It's like watching a bird fly—it feels natural and gives me a sense of freedom. I'm excited to collaborate with you!'' 


,,Hello, I'm Akos! I'm working towards becoming a professional DP (Director of Photography) and achieving my dream of working on Hollywood blockbusters. I have experience with Netflix-approved cinema cameras and post-production processes, which I believe gives me an edge in the industry. I'm confident that I can use my skills to deliver the best quality work for you.'

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