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Laptop Work

Step No.1 - CONTACT US

It's very easy just drop an e-mail to us!

Tell us what you or your company needs. Do you need photos, videos, in horizontal or vertical format? Short or long form content maybe everything together? For what purpose? Engage more customers with Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik-tok?

Don't worry! We will help you to work out the best solution for you or your company!


To find the best solution and make the best execution plan in the first e-mail please provide us few details like:

-Your domain address

-Social media links

-What are your requirements?

-What results do you expect?

-Would you like to work with models/actors?

-How big is your budget for the project?

-Your status in the company (owner, director, marketing manager etc. )

Adult Students
Business Plan


Usually in 1 working days we will process your e-mail and the data what you provide us.

We will clarify further questions about the project and then we will send you an execution plan and an offer. 

After all the details clarified we will send you a contract to sign. 

Step No.4 - CONTRACT

After we signed the contract we will find  the perfect date in the calendar to execute the project according to the contract.

Legal Handshake
Computer Chip


Final step is delivering the project whether is a photography or videography related. 

To deliver projects we use cloud based services like Dropbox or Wetransfer. 

Step No.6 - CUT/EDIT

After the shooting days we start the SCE process of the files which means SELECT-CUT-EDIT. 

It can take 1-4weeks depending of the project.

When we ready with the project we will show you the result. 

We also provide a 60 minutes online live session to discuss about changing of the project based on your perceptions when if it's necessary.

Video Editing Timeline
Filming a Scene


Now here starts the real work. Every project is different and requires different approach and solutions. Depending the volume of the project it can last from 1 shooting day up to few days or a week.

We guarantee to bring out the best from every scenarios to make the best possible result for your company.

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